Renting With Us

The time has finally come. Moving into your new place can be exciting, but it is a big financial step. It takes careful thought and planning in order to have a great renting ecperience. Anyeh Group can help you find your perfect home. Our service philosophy is simple - to look after our tenants as valued customers.

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Know your budget
When you decide to go house hunting, you make sure that yuou have created a budget and figured in the cost of rent plus the cost of utilities. This will give you a clear picture of what you can and cannot afford as far as rent goes.

Read all of the lease agreement
Read carefully of the lease agreement and 100 points checklist. Find out if your deposit will be returned, and if so, when. Find out if children or pets are allowed. Ask what will happen if another person moves in with you.

Ask about maintenance
Maintenance and repairs can be costly. So, find out if the owner will be responsible for maintenace or will you. If possible, try to rent a property where the landlord is responsible for all repairs.

Check all applicances
During your property walk through, check all the appliances. Don't just assume that everything is in good workingn condition. If you find anything that needs repairs or other maintenance, let the landlord know before you sign the lease. Check to see if he will fix them or if he will offer you a discount on the rent. The best move is to have the landlord fix any appliances before you move in.

Take pictures and document
Take a camera with you during your inspection time. If possible, take pictures of the entire property before you move in. Document the time and date that you discovered any and all damage. This will ensure that you are not accused of the damage and that your deposit is returned when you move out.