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Selling your home doesn’t have to be a painstaking process, at Anyeh Group we are a boutique agency committed to achieving outstanding results with integrity and passion. Using the right agent and preparing your property will ensure you get the maximum price for your property. When you partner with us, your Anyeh Group Sales Agent will advise you in detail, the best way you can improve the sales opportunity of your property, affordably and easily. You’ll alsobe in the best position possible to get your house noticed and get that ‘SOLD’ sign up.

Deciding to sell
Consider what is happening in the broader market and what is best for your particular situation. Also decide if you are better off buying a new home before or after you sell your current home.

Choosing an agent
Your agent will be in charge of advertising, showing and completing the legal requirements of selling your property, so choose carefully.

How you want to sell
You and your agent will work out a plan for listing, showing and selling your property.

Determining your selling price
Your property’s location, size, age and features will be assessed, as will the current market and area trends. We can provide you a free suburb report and provide you a price estimate.

Sign an agency agreement 
This legally binding contract will detail any commissions, the estimated sale price, duration of the agreement, advertising costs, process and much much more.

Prepare the Contract of Sale
Your have to prepare the Contract of Sale through your solicitor or conveyancer. These will include all of the details prospective purchasers will need.

Advertising and showing your property
Your agent will involves photographing your property, drawing up floor plans and writing your Ads.

Going on the market
Prospective buyers will contact your agent and arrange times to view your property, or attend your open homes.

Sale and negotiation
Your agent will auction your property or mediate between you and buyers to reach a mutually acceptable price. The buyer will then pay a deposit.

Under contract
Both seller and buyer’ solicitors and banks will work out the details of the sale to ensure both parties meet all legal and financial requirements.

Settlement day
You’ll relinquish the keys and legal rights to your property in exchange for the balance of payment from the buyer or their bank.

Congratulations, you have sold your home!

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